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My intent is to help architects, engineers and managers to enter the world of Building Information Modeling. I am a civil engineering - student and I am interested in this topic. My generation (Generation Y or call us the Millennials), including me and my fellow students are familiar with IT including programming, computer aided design and social media. These skills are only self-evident for us or for the following generation (Generation Z).

But nowadays the construction industry is still dominated by the Baby boomer – generation. They often lack IT – skills and avoid to learn it.

If your company is planning or even already implementing BIM, you probably have some fears regarding these substantial changes. There is every indication of a paradigm change in the industry. The game will change and I want to give my small contribution to this processes, while giving you some explanation.

I want to focus on the basics, because I think only with strong foundations, you or your company can shift smoothly from the traditional construction approach to the BIM – method.

Finally, I want to apologize in advance for my language skills. I live in Germany and I am not an English – native speaker. I do my best.

If you have questions, suggestions or if you simply want to contact me, use the contact form on the upper left hand side of the screen.


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